Yesterday, we reported that Miley Cyrus had teamed up with Planned Parenthood for a new campaign to promote abortion. Just one day later, this has already come back to bite Cyrus in a big way.

To announce the campaign, Cyrus took to Instagram to post a photo of her licking a cake with the words “Abortion Is Healthcare” written on it. It is this image that has come back to haunt Cyrus, as an outraged feminist artist has since accused her of stealing the cake from her.

Daily Mail reported that Becca Rea-Holloway took to Instagram herself to reveal that she had posted her own identical cake design to social media last year.

“@mileycyrus just announced a collaboration with @marcjacobs @plannedparenthood @happyhippiefdn using this image,” Rea-Holloway wrote. “It is a direct theft of my own original art work from May 2018, with no credit. It’s literally my exact handwriting, message, and concept. Swipe for comparison! Cake art is for everyone, but this is inexcusable.”

Cyrus was then left with no choice but to frantically backtrack and apologize to the livid feminist.

“Hi, we saw the image online and didn’t realize it was yours,” Cyrus wrote. “We will absolutely tag you for your work. This image is not on the Marc Jacobs x Planned Parenthood hoodie we made to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood which I know is also close to your heart. It is just on the post and not on the merchandise but we will absolutely tag you and give you the credit for your art.”

Even so, Cyrus did not offer Rea-Holloway any monetary compensation for stealing her image.

It’s safe to say that this took the wind out of Cyrus’ sails! This comes on top of all the backlash she received from pro-lifers who were quick to slam the pop star for promoting the murder of innocent babies.

“After fertilization, that’s NOT a woman’s body,” one social media user commented. “The baby has its own DNA separate from the mother and father and is another person. Abortion is not empowering. Abortion does not free women. Abortion is a basic human rights violation, the right to life. And if that’s not wrong, nothing is.”

“This is so sad and disappointing!!” another user added. “Every baby has the right to live! What if that baby is a female??? What about her rights? It’s heartbreaking I’ll pray for you Miley!”

We’re glad to see that Cyrus’ sickening abortion promotion has completely blown up in her face. As someone who has many young female fans looking up to her, it’s especially despicable that Cyrus would promote abortion in this way. We hope that the backlash she has received over this image results in Cyrus taking it down all together and rethinking her decision to promote abortion to her legions of young fans.

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