prince harry jennifer aniston
prince harry jennifer aniston

Meghan Markle is undoubtedly unhappy right now after it was revealed by a royal expert that Prince Harry was “obsessed” with “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston for a long time.

Fox News reported that American writer Ian Halperin just revealed that Harry was “infatuated for years” with Jen, going so far as to call her “princess material” after she posed on the cover of GQ magazine in 2009. Halperin even said in a new documentary and book that Harry managed to get Jen’s phone number, and that he texted her emojis.

Harry was infatuated with Jen for years. He told friends she was ‘princess material’. He visited LA and was partying heavily with models there,” Halperin claimed. “He told a close friend his favorite actress was Jen and got her number. He texted her and sent emojis. One source told me Jen was aware of Harry’s crush but didn’t want to lead him on because of the age difference.”

Though a representative for Jen said that “the claims are false,” Halperin responded, “I stand by everything in the film and book.”

This comes after English television host Lizzy Cundy revealed that before meeting Harry, Meghan was desperate to get cast on a British reality show and that she “wanted an English boyfriend.”

“She told me she wanted to be on an English reality TV show and that she wanted an English boyfriend,” Cundy told Daily Mail. “She set her sights on ‘Made in Chelsea’ and worked hard to get in with that crowd. She said that she could only be in ‘Suits’ for so long and that Hollywood was a really brutal place. She had not made a breakthrough, and said she would feel at home in London.”

Cundy first met Meghan when she visited London in 2013, and they saw each other again when the American returned for a second trip in the summer of 2016.

“She had also got to know TV presenter Natalie Pinkham and Bidders — Adam Bidwell — who was a friend of Harry’s from that trip to Vegas,” Cundy said. “She still wasn’t much more successful in Hollywood terms and was setting her sights on coming here to live if she could. She wanted it bad, and she did still want an English boyfriend.”

It’s always interesting to see what couples were up to before they met one another! Hopefully, these reports aren’t causing too much trouble in Harry and Meghan’s marriage, as they seem to be very happy at the moment.

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