Jon Moxley

-Jon Moxley, the former Dean Ambrose, has been quite busy since leaving WWE a few months back.

Before he made his biggest move, he was active back on the indy scene, which is when his Jon Moxley persona was reborn.

Over the weekend, Moxley worked another indy show. This one brought him to New Jersey, which is also the home state of a certain former WWE loudmouth…who just so happened to be working that same indy show along with his partner. The wrestlers formerly known as Enzo and Big Cass issued an open challenge to anyone in the back…and Jon Moxley answered the call.

Mox gave both former WWE Superstars Dirty Deeds to secure himself the win, sending the fans home happy.

This is also just another example of how All Elite Wrestling will continue to appeal to a wide group of wrestling talent. For the most part, WWE would never allow one of it’s Superstars to work any non-WWE shows, especially not some relatively small indy event. AEW is giving it’s talents a good bit of leeway in that respect.

-Speaking of All Elite Wrestling, they continue to find themselves in the news.

Dave Metlzer from Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE Superstars, who are currently under contract, are regularly reaching out to those in charge within All Elite Wrestling.

Now, no names were mentioned thus far. In the past, plenty of names have been at least speculated about, based on social media or known contract status. Most recently, it was insinuated that Mike and Maria Kanellis could be jumping, as their contracts expire soon.

Having already pulled off their first PPV, one which was met with largely positive reviews, the company has plenty of people in WWE noticing them.

Creative should be watching, as competition should help push WWE to improve (we hope).

Top brass will be watching, trying to not lose talent.

Talent will be watching, because there now is a new option for them to make a decent wage.

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