The Revival

It has been clear that The WWE have been punishing The Revival for some time. In fact, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw appeared to put the icing on the cake with the “Ucy Hot” segment.

Turning Down Deals From Vince

Vince has made some attempts to keep The Revival, which included renegotiating their contract. The second attempt at renewing their contract involved a guarantee of $500,000 a year. However, The Revival allegedly turned the offer down.

In response to The Revival turning down the contract, it would seem the WWE has used some deplorable methods to devalue The Revival. According to Deadspin, Vince extended Dash Wilder’s contract himself by two months; this allegedly to make up for an injury he suffered in 2017 and during which he took some time off.

The devaluement of The Revival is continuing quite obviously on the main roster. The Revival is being humiliated on a regular basis. Even though they were given the title belts for a brief period, they finally lost those belts at WrestleMania and have been the point of ridicule ever since.

Proof Of Retaliatory Tactics – Not Just The Revival

The Revival


The tactics of the WWE are widely known. There is proof of those tactics, dating back to 2005, shortly after the death of wrestler Eddie Guerrero. One of Eddie’s friends, believed to have been Chris Jericho (although this has not been proven), wrote a letter to Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer. He acknowledged the fact that there was such a thing as retaliatory booking, especially for those who refused the WWE’s instructions.

Retaliation tactics currently being implemented by the WWE have one clear goal, for fans to lose their faith in The Revival. They are looking to destroy the prestigious tag team, which would mean little support would come their way once they leave for AEW.