The 80’s: the decade of big hair, great TV, and our favorite heartthrobs. Check out our list to see if you’re favorite leading man made the cut and where he is now!

Mark Harmon

80s tv heartthrob

Known for his role as Dr. Robert Caldwell on “St. Elsewhere” in 1983. He has been on the long-standing show “NCIS” as Special Agent Gibbs since 2003. His role on St. Elsewhere launched him into the stratosphere and even helped him land People’s Sexiest Man in 1986. Known for his family man persona, Harmon has been married to his wife for 32 years!


Tom Selleck

80s tv heartthrob

You know him as Thomas Magnum on “Magnum P.I.,” one of the greatest detective shows of all time. Since 2010, Selleck has played Commissioner Frank Reagan in the cop show, “Blue Bloods.” Since his role in 1980 classic, he has been known for his great mustache and proud Christian values!


Ted Danson

80s tv heartthrob

Known for his breakout role in Cheers (1982) as flirty bartender Sam Malone, Danson has maintained a long and steady career. He now plays Michael on “The Good Place,” a hilarious show about the afterlife.


John Stamos

80s tv heartthrob

Before he became the heartthrob we all know and love, Uncle Jesse in “Full House,” John Stamos was a soap opera star on “General Hospital.” He first gained recognition as Blackie Parrish during a brief stint on the show in 1982. He then became a household name when he starred on “Full House” in the ’90s, a role he has been reprising in the reboot, “Fuller House,” since 2016. In 2017, he proposed to his girlfriend, so sadly he is off the market, Uncle Jesse fans!


Tony Danza

80s tv heartthrob

He first came to prominence for his role on Taxi (1978) as Tony Banta. He now stars in the Netflix Orginal “The Good Cop” as Tony Caruso Sr. Taxi won 18 Emmy’s over the course of its five-year run and launched many of its cast into stardom!


Pierce Brosnan

80s tv heartthrobs

This TV heartthrob got his television breakthrough in 1982’s “Remington Steele” where he played the titular character. “Remington Steele” is credited with launching Brosnan’s career, going on to play roles such as James Bond and Sam in Mamma Mia (2008). He is currently acting on Amazon Prime’s “The Son” since 2017.


Scott Bakula

80s tv heartthrob

Bakula is best known for the television program “Quantum Leap” (1989) where he played Dr. Sam Beckett. Since the sci-fi cult classic, Bakula has gone on to play in “Cash Cab” and “NCIS”. After a recurring role in the original “NCIS,” Bakula has headed a new spin-off in 2014, located in New Orleans!


Don Johnson

80s tv heartthrob

An established actor before his breakout role, “Miami Vice” launched Johnson into the mainstream. He played Detective James Crockett in the 1984 police procedural which is lauded as one of the best TV shows of all time. Now, he can be seen in the upcoming HBO show, Watchmen. If you can’t wait until the premiere, Johnson starred in 2018’s Book Club.


Dan Lauria

80s tv heartthrob

Our gruff father figure, Jack Arnold, helped the 80s classic “The Wonder Years” thrive as a smashing success. “The Wonder Years” brought viewers back to their childhoods and was often called one of the best shows of the ’80s. Currently, Lauria stars on the Hallmark Channel, most recently in 2018’s Christmas at Grand Valley as Frank.

Who is your favorite heartthrob on the list? Let us know!

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