Fans Of Cash Cab Get Incredible News! Who’s Ready?!

"Cash Cab" returns after a five-year hiatus. The reboot includes celebrity guests who hitch a ride in the cab along with unsuspecting game show contestants.

Fans of the cult reality game show Cash Cab are getting an early Christmas present as the show returns after a five-year hiatus.

As fans of the show remember, Ben Bailey picks up unsuspecting New York cab riders and announces they are on a game show. Rainbow lights flash overhead as the shocked contestants begin answering trivia questions in hopes of winning thousands.

“You guys are in the Cash Cab!” Bailey proclaims as riders suddenly find out they are contestants. “It’s a TV game show that takes place right here in my taxi.” If they get three answers wrong, they are suddenly booted from the cab.

The show ran from 2005-2012 and had numerous spin-offs in other cities and countries. Now, it’s back with a slightly different spin.

Celebrities will be joining the contestants in the cab to make it a bit more exciting. Not only do contestants have the pressure of answering correctly on national television, but they will have to do so sitting next to a star!

Matthew Perry of Friends, model Brooke Shields, and Steve Bakula of Quantum Leap are among the celebrities that hitch rides in the Cash Cab.

A clip from the episode with Scott Bakula is below. As you can tell, the contestants were surprised to learn not only were they in the Cash Cab but that they would be playing with Bakula!

Another twist to the show’s relaunch is the social media shoutout. This replaces the phone a friend option that prior contestants had. Bailey will use Facebook Live to allow the contestants to get help with some questions that are stumping them.

The episodes begin this month on Monday nights at 10 pm on Discovery Channel. Longtime fans of the game show will be tuning in after a five-year drought of the show. Discovery Channel is hoping the new changes will attract new viewers as well.

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Source: NJ.com

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