Roseanne Barr Blames Former Costar Sara Gilbert For Getting Her Fired

It’s been ten months since Roseanne Barr was fired by ABC and blacklisted by Hollywood, and with nothing left to lose, Barr has been calling out the people responsible for getting her fired. Earlier this month, we reported that Barr called out Michelle Obama for the role she played in her firing. Now, she’s going after her “Roseanne” costar Sara Gilbert, who wasted no time in throwing her under the bus.

Fox News reported that Barr was fired within hours of posting a tweet about Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett that many found to be offensive. Though Barr immediately apologized for the tweet, Hollywood liberals had no mercy on her and ensured that she was blacklisted that very same day.

In a new interview with The Washington Post, Barr referenced a tweet by Gilbert, who played her daughter Darlene on “Roseanne,” that was posted 27 minutes before ABC officially fired her.

Barr explained that this was the nail in her coffin.

“She destroyed the show and my life with that tweet,” Barr said of Gilbert. She went on to reference the movie Silence Of The Lambs when she added, “She will never get enough until she consumes my liver with a fine Chianti.”

Gilbert responded to Barr’s comments in a brief statement, saying, “While I’m extremely disappointed and heartbroken over the dissolution of the original show, she will always be family, and I will always love Roseanne.”

Yeah, right!

It’s hard to believe that Gilbert “loves” Barr when she was so quick to turn her back on her. Barr made Gilbert a household name casting her on “Roseanne” when the actress was just 13-years-old. Without Barr, none of us would even know who Gilbert is today, which makes this betrayal even more sad to watch.

Furthermore, Gilbert can also thank Barr for the fact that she still has a job, as the comedian generously signed over the rights of her beloved sitcom in order to allow ABC to reboot it as “The Conners.” Barr only did this so that the cast and crew of the series could keep their jobs, yet since then, Gilbert has done nothing to try and help Barr in any way.

With her behavior throughout this entire ordeal, Gilbert has shown everyone that she is nothing more than a spineless liberal who is willing to sell out anyone just to maintain her popularity among her leftwing Hollywood elite friends. We’re glad that Barr called her out, and we hope that she continues to call out liberal hypocrites like Gilbert in the weeks to come!

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