News On Goldberg Deal + WWE Delayed On YouTube

There's some new news about Bill Goldberg's contract as it pertains to his upcoming KSA appearance. Also, what else is WWE doing to help ratings?

-As has been reported, WWE is bringing back Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. Thus far, he has only been announced for one sh0w-the June event in Saudi Arabia.

While there has been talk of having Goldberg (and others, like The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar) show up between now and June to help boost sagging ratings, there is a reason we’ve only seen Goldberg advertised for the June event. So far, the former WCW and WWE title holder has only been signed for that event.

What this contract status means is that, so far, Goldberg has no formal deal in place that actually prevents him from showing up with All Elite Wrestling later this year. Such a move had been speculated as possible for when AEW debuts its forthcoming television programming.

It will be interesting to watch if Goldberg signs an extended deal with WWE following his involvement with the June show.

-It’s widely known by now that WWE has serious concerns over sagging television ratings. The ratings are a huge reason behind Vince McMahon showing up on RAW this past Monday. The ratings concerns are believed to be a major factor in the new “wild card rules” we have that govern RAW and SmackDown.

One other move WWE is doing, in an effort to help prop up those ratings? Delaying posting clips from RAW on YouTube. Per the Wrestling Observer, WWE did not post any clips from RAW to the video sharing site until after RAW was off the air.

This move is being done in an effort to encourage viewers to tune in to the live broadcast of Monday Night RAW, as it happens on the USA Network.

While I don’t expect YouTube clips to have been driving down ratings, I suppose it can’t necessarily hurt. It does underscore a concern, however-that WWE might not have a great idea of how to correct things as of yet.

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