An Instagram couple is being slammed by internet users this week for posing in a photo that could have cost them their lives.

Fox News reported that Jean and Camille of the BackpackDiariez Instagram handle recently posted a photo of themselves kissing as they hung outside a moving train in Sri Lanka. The couple captioned the photo, which was snapped by Camille’s brother, by saying that it was “one of our wildest kisses.”

Unfortunately for the couple, the photo has completely backfired on them as internet users have bashed them for risking their lives for an Instagram photo.

“And then they wonder why people die by trying to get similar pics…” one social media user commented, with another adding, “It has nothing to do with wilderness it’s pure stupidity, I hope no one will die trying to do the same but if this happens it will be all on you!”

“Seeing your other photos, you don’t need to risk your lives to get a shot. Not worth it,” a third user commented.

This comes as an increasing number of young people are losing their lives while trying to take selfies that they hope will go viral. Last month, 22-year-old Fordham University student Sydney Monfries was killed after falling from a bell tower while trying to take a selfie. She had broken into the bell tower with friends in the middle of the night and was trying to get a death-defying selfie that she could post online when she fell.

Young people today need to realize that capturing an “epic” selfie is not worth their lives. Getting “likes” on social media may seem like the most important thing in the world to millennials, but they really amount to nothing in the grand scheme of things. These kids need to focus a little less on their social media clout and a little more on staying safe.

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