An Instagram couple who was slammed for being “stupid, ridiculous” over a viral photo they took that could have become deadly is now speaking out to defend themselves and stand by the image.

Fox News reported that it all started earlier this month, when Kelly Castille and Kody Workman took to their joint Instagram account to share a photo of themselves in Ubud, in Bali, Indonesia. The photo, which was seen by their 62,000 followers, shows Workman standing in an infinity pool as Castille dangles on the other side of it over what looks to be quite a large drop. Castille’s life appears to depend on Workman holding her and her not slipping off the edge of the infinity pool.

Social media users were quick to slam the couple as “morons” who were risking their lives just to get a good selfie.

“What a stupid ridiculous photo. When one of you falls and meets your death than we will see if Instagram was worth it, idiots,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Dumbest thing I’ve seen today. Imagine if she fell, all for the sake of a little internet fame.”

Castille and Workman, however, have since countered the criticism by saying that she was actually safer than she appears to have been.

“As for safety, we are all responsible for ourselves at the end of the day,” Castille and Workman said. “The reality is that we felt safe, stable and confident for two reasons. First and foremost, there is another pool below that we cropped out of the shot for dramatization. Secondly, we thought about this photo for days, considering the angles and potentials.”

Nevertheless, others have pointed out how dangerous the image could be to young people who look up to this couple and may want to replicate the photo in the hopes of getting a viral selfie themselves.

“You know, other people are gonna start dangling themselves from infinity pools and dangerous like this also to get a shot like this. Way to set an example,” one social media user commented.

Far too many young people have been seriously injured or even killed in the past few years just trying to get a “cool” selfie. USA Today reported that just this past weekend, 22-year-old Fordham University student Sydney Monfries was killed when she fell from a bell tower at her school while trying to take a selfie. She had broken into the building with friends in the early hours of Sunday morning and climbed the tower in the hopes of getting a good photo before she fell.

Young people today are going way too far trying to score a good photo, putting their lives at risk just to get a few “likes” on social media. Kids, a viral selfie is NOT worth your life!

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