Actor and outspoken conservative Dean Cain weighed in on the reaction in far-left Hollywood to the recent passage of the “heartbeat bill” in Georgia last week, calling the morally corrupt trying to impose their values on others utterly ridiculous.

“Hollywood pretending to be the bastion of moral superiority is an absolute joke, because Hollywood is not by any stretch of the imagination,” Cain said in an interview on Fox News.

Hollywood has long been the bastion of bohemian immorality largely out of touch with the rest of the country. California’s state of governance and companies fleeing the state are what they have to show for it in recent years as the progressive left took over.

Wayward Hollywood

Hollywood is so out-of-touch they don’t understand federalism anymore.

“The people of Georgia … made their decision,” Cain continued. “That’s what they did. Now we have Hollywood coming in and saying, ‘Listen, we want to you have our values. We’re going to tell you what you should do and how you should do it in your state.'”

While the Georgia “heartbeat bill” will surely be facing legal challenges, the voters in Georgia — where Hollywood loves to flock for sweetheart production deals and tax breaks but aren’t voting residents — elected pro-life Republicans, including Gov. Brian Kemp, into office. If Hollywood understood how federalism works and that Californians and New Yorkers — two states with appallingly permissive abortion laws — cannot tell Georgians what laws they should or should not have.

Over 100 actors and producers have reportedly declared they are boycotting the state until Georgia bends to their will. IT’s a move that even Democrats in the state are balking at.

However, they aren’t so convicted against the bill that they’re willing to give up the tax breaks. Director J.J. Abrams and actor/producer Jordan Peele said they would still be shooting their new HBO series “Lovecraft Country” in Georgia…but say they’ll be giving all the proceeds to pro-abortion groups in the state.

Former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, whose current M.O. since losing to Kemp is to appear on news shows claiming she’s the rightful governor of Georgia, tweeted a plea for Hollywood to not quit the state just yet.

It says a lot about how morally corrupt Hollywood is that the defense of the helpless unborn is beyond the pale. Hopefully, Georgians stay strong and choose the morally correct option of life over the power and persuasion of the almighty dollar. Dean Cain calling the moral preening by those willing to kill unborn babies is exactly what Dean Cain said: an absolute joke.

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