Sasha Banks Allegedly Unhappy After Backstage Incident

What's going on with Sasha?

Sasha Banks is in hot water once again, at least according to the current rumor mill. Banks allegedly is unhappy after a backstage incident during WrestleMania 35. The nature of which is not yet known. The rumor also coincides with Banks cancelling an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, which has left the production team fuming. Here’s the story.

Banks Cancels on Wendy Williams

Sasha Banks

Even though I do not live in the US, even I am familiar with Wendy Williams and I watch her show. According to Page Six, Banks was scheduled to appear on Wendy’s show, but cancelled only hours before her scheduled appearance.

An insider of The Wendy Williams Show gave the following statement:

“She won’t be booked again. She didn’t give a real reason for canceling, and she did it only hours before the show tapes, so production was left scrambling to fill her spot. Wendy ended up doing an extra segment of Hot Topics instead.”

Sasha Banks also posted an apology about missing the show:

“Due to personal reasons, I had to pull out of my appearance today on @WendyWilliams. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it. Hopefully the opportunity will be there again later. #IfYouOnlyKnew.”

Page Six reached out to Sasha Banks’ representative after the statement, who declined to comment further and redirected the journalist to Sasha’s social media statement.

Unhappy With Her Loss at WrestleMania

Sasha Banks

Nobody really knows what is going on with Banks at the moment, yet she is certainly unhappy about something. On social media, she left a lengthy statement, indicating she is really unhappy at the moment.

Sasha Banks made this statement on social media:

“There is something about the way life happens today that makes it hard to look ahead. There are things that make it difficult to laugh; difficult to live the way you want. There are things that make it almost impossible to trust where you are, or to believe in where you want to be. You look around and life is happening way too fast. Sometimes it feels like the moments are gone. Everything happens all at once and right away. We’re marching towards a destiny we cannot understand, towards the kingdom of convenient. Then one day you look up and you can’t find the meaning. Your crisis of purpose and passion is acting up, but they tell you that that’s suppose to be normal. Well… I don’t want normal, I want magic; cause that’s the place that feels like home to me. That’s the place where I remember what dreams look like, where meaning is effortless, and purpose is simple. That’s the place where love still matters. I want that feeling of coming home again. I want to feel like myself….. I want that magic.”

Most people believe she is upset after losing her title at WrestleMania. Others think it is much bigger than that. Some believe Sasha Banks is looking to leave the WWE, mostly due to the fact she has been booked and managed poorly. Time will tell what the truth is.

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