Patricia Heaton

“Everybody Loves Raymond” star Patricia Heaton took to Twitter over the weekend to slam MSNBC for the way their network covered the Easter terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that left 290 people dead. She also blasted the network for harassing Robert Mueller outside of his church on Easter Sunday and then laughing about it afterwards.

“Hello @MSNBC. Today is Easter Sunday, the holiest day of the Christian calendar. Some of the faithful were murdered today while they worshiped,” Heaton tweeted, according to Fox News. “But you ambush Robert Mueller outside of his church and chuckle about it afterward. This is loathsome. Shame on you.”

Heaton, a proud Christian conservative, went on to say that MSNBC’s coverage “reminds me of the time #Nancy Pelosi couldn’t bring herself to say the name ‘Jesus,'” tweeting a cringe-worthy 2010 video of Pelosi trying to get around saying the word Jesus.

When someone tried to argue with Heaton over her statements, she replied, “In New Zealand, did anyone refer to the victims as ‘Ramadan worshippers’? Why is it hard for liberal politicians to say the word ‘Christian’ in this instance?”

It’s so refreshing to see a conservative Christian actress call out the mainstream media and leftwing politicians for their anti-Christian bigotry. Most Hollywood stars who have similar beliefs to Heaton keep their mouths shut out of fears that they will be blacklisted for expressing conservative views, but she is clearly not afraid of the liberal Lynch mob.

The way the media behaved in the wake of the Easter terrorist attack was a new low for them, and we’re glad to see that Heaton did not let them get away with it. We need more Hollywood stars to take a page out of Heaton’s playbook and start calling out the left on their bigotry.

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