Miranda Lambert apparently still has some animosity toward her ex-husband Blake Shelton, despite the fact that the divorce became final four years ago and she’s gotten remarried in the meantime. At the annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, Lambert altered a version of her song “Little Red Wagon” to take a dig at Shelton, who was in the audience with his longtime girlfriend, rocker Gwen Stefani.

In her on-stage performance of the song, for which she wore a skin-hugging black sequinned jumpsuit, Miranda, 35, changed the phrase “I live in Oklahoma” to “I got the h*** out of Oklahoma.” Blake Shelton, 41, hails from the town of Ada, Oklahoma.

Sure, her line was directed at her ex, but country music giants Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, and Vince Gill all called Oklahoma home while growing up.

Oklahomans watching were not amused.

“If @mirandalambert is over Blake why take that dig. Don’t forget at one time he was your sun and moon and you sure did have huge success with a song he wrote. I guess people in Oklahoma shouldn’t support you as well right. You just dissed the entire state,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“That was a classless move towards Blake, no reason for that. #bitterness #getoverit,” another agreed.

For someone who has another line in a different song that advises to “hide your crazy,” Miranda may need to heed her own advice.

Of course, Miranda fans showed their support for her choice to use the change in lyrics in front of Shelton.

“Miranda Lambert throwing shade at BS is why she will ALWAYS be the queen,” one Twitter viewer posted.

However, it does come off as quite petty considering the fact that Lambert announced her marriage to NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin, who is eight years her junior, on Valentine’s Day this year.

When asked about the surprise nuptials, Miranda has been — perhaps deservedly — hostile and said, “Please — can you leave me alone please? If I say something, will you leave please?”

“Like ‘the world should mind their own f—king business,'” she added.

Fair enough, but then maybe Miranda should consider not dragging the rest of the world into her relationships by disrespecting an entire state in front of millions of viewers just to get a dig in at her ex. and then continue to be upset that people have questions about her personal life.

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