Kevin Owens Is The Ric Flair Of This Era

Dear WWE Creative,

I’m not sure who needs to be applauded more for this week’s best moment on WWE television that took place during SmackDown LIVE: you, or Kevin Owens.

Let’s back up one moment, shall we, and give praise to the talent that could probably be labelled as this generation’s Ric Flair.

Bold statement, I know, but allow me to explain.

I’m clearly a fan of KO, but I am in constant awe of just how entertaining he is; whether he be portraying a heel or face. So, when I compare him to Ric Flair, I’m not necessarily comparing personas, title accomplishments, or milestones per se (although in four short years with the WWE KO has racked up NXT Championship, Universal title, and has been three-time United States Champion and held the IC title twice). I’m merely talking about how incredible and believable his storytelling is; how he exemplifies character confidence; and how well he performs in that squared circle, so that not only does he showcase his abilities, but always makes his opponents look good. He understands how to connect with the WWE Universe, and also understands as heel, what he needs to do to allow his face opponent to connect with the audience.


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#KevinOwens attacks @thetruekofi after his match on #SDLive…his motive is clearly set on the #WWEChampionship!

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And then, we have the infamous heel turn that KO so flawlessly is able to pull off, one in which the fans love to see, and hate him, all in one breath; which Flair was able to do without effort, and in which I am also comparing KO to, specifically.

The WWE Universe likes Owens as a babyface, because truth be known, I think he is a highly-relatable talent. Coming from the indie scene, working so hard (and for so long) to get to the WWE, and smashing it on the main roster; even as a heel, we fans want to see Owens succeed. Having said that, he’s also a loveable face. Despite how many times he’s turned on friends, looking at you Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho, there’s always a believability that KO offers a true alliance to those who decide to trust and partner up with him in this thing we call WWE life. Regardless of his track record, superstars believe in his friendship, and we viewers do too.


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#TheNewDay and The #BigO is the collaboration we never knew we needed. #SDLive @thetruekofi @xavierwoodsphd

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It was so easy to fall in love with the idea that KO could become Big O, the interim third (fourth?) New Day member during Big E’s absence. From the dancing, to his mic intro of the team (I dare any fan to tell me they did not get a few goosebumps when Owens mimicked E’s ooooooooooo {insert city name here} … because I sure did); to KO’s bantering with Xavier Woods on commentary: Owens alliance with the unicorn-pancake-loving faction felt oh-so right – and was a joy to watch, even though it was short-lived. We knew a turn would come eventually, but not after a week.

After all, when Owens first returned from injury, he was one of Kofi’s biggest supporters heading into Wrestlemania, and Kofimania. Wasn’t he slamming that ring in support when Kingston was finally awarded the spot at WM? It wasn’t a part of the storyline, but fans took notice and felt it.

So, reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicate that due to Daniel Bryan’s current absence, Kofi needed a viable contender. While the original plans for KO was to present him as an “everyday” man kind of face, plans changed, and BOOM! The WWE Universe was privy to the KO we are used to seeing; friend-turning, in-it-for-himself, fight-Owens-fight Kevin.

I have zero issues with this, as whether Owens becomes the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, or whether he becomes Kingston’s first successful title defense, the program will be outstanding. As with any story that KO touches, he’ll provide an element of entertainment; whether he is trying to pull out the comedic side of things, as he did when he was BFF with Y2J or more recently his stint with the New Day – or – bring out the nastiness of wanting the holy grail of SmackDown LIVE; the WWE Universe’s eyes will be glued to that screen.

And, much like The Nature Boy (wwooo), once it is time and the powers that be decide that Kevin can work face again, he’ll be able to make that switch back in a blink of an eye. He has that kind of charm on the mic, charisma in the ring, and complete package of a superstar that can go with the flow depending on whatever the roster needs at any point in time.