WWE’s Initial Plans For Kofi Kingston + The NEW Wrestlemania 36 Logo

WWE’s Initial Plans For Kofi Kingston + The NEW Wrestlemania 36 Logo. Seems as if Kingston won't be winning at WM, as the plan is DB to come out on top.

– Kofimania is running wild on SmackDown LIVE right now, and despite the fact that Kofi Kingston got booted out of the Fastlane WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, it seems he’ll most likely be inserted into the title bout come Wrestlemania 35.

Oh, You Didn’t Know’s Brad Shepard recently chimed in on Kingston and WM, stating the company’s current plans are for Daniel Bryan to retain his championship at the event, so as to create an even bigger heel persona for him moving forward. In fact, it seems as if the WWE wants to create a “super heel” in DB for future feuds post-Mania. Shepard also recently stated that while Kofi’s rise in popularity was really an accident, in the sense that he took Mustafa Ali’s Elimination Chamber spot when he got injured, the aftermath in this program is to have Bryan defeat a very popular babyface, to add some massive heat to his character. It’s more about pushing Daniel over as a massive bad guy, then building Kofi up to the top of WWE’s mountain.

It’s important to note that things change all the time in the land of the WWE, and match outcomes have been known to change on the very day of the Grandest Stage of Them All, so if the fans rally hard enough, perhaps the powers that be may alter this.

Wrestlemania 35 hasn’t even arrived yet and we are already talking about Wrestlemania 36! As we all know with this large-scale event, it is all about the planning, and WWE loves to hit the ground running when it comes to ‘Mania and promoting it.

Today, superstars as well as WWE officials, gathered at a press conference to make an official announcement regarding next year’s Wrestlemania 36, stating that the flagship even would take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida on Sunday April 5th, 2020. The new Wrestlemania 36 logo was on full display, as seen below:

As the stadium is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the WWE clearly decided to incorporate this into the event’s logo design.

WNZ will provide any additional updates on Wrestlemania 36, as the weeks progress.

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