WWE Reportedly Partnering With Music Superstar

Could WWE be in agreement with a music superstar? There are conflicting reports that WWE may, or may not have, entered into agreement.

-In a bit of interesting news, WWE is reportedly entering into a wide ranging collaborative agreement with a music superstar.

That superstar: Eminem.

Fightful provided more information on this development.

WWE has, over the years, involved themselves with a wide variety of music and entertainment talents. These partnerships have served different purposes. Some were purely for the music-like Motorhead, which provided Triple H’s theme music and has performed it live for entrances too.

Others entertainment personalities have served as sort of ambassadors. WWE has leveraged it’s relationship with NBCUniversal to have stars from various properties appear on WWE programming (including, most recently, stars from SNL), such as WrestleMania.

The deal with Eminem is reported to cover several items. Most notably, the rap artist is intended to provide the music soundtrack for the next iteration of the WWE 2K franchise. That game, WWE 2K20, is expected to drop in the fall.

Something else expected to happen in the fall? That would be SmackDown Live’s move from USA to Fox Sports. While the timing of a game release and a channel change is more coincidental than not, there could be more to this.

WWE has, on occasion, had live musical performances on its weekly shows. If WWE (and Fox) are looking to really boost ratings as the show gets off the ground on its new network, having Eminem perform live might not hurt.

In addition to the soundtrack and appearance on WWE programming, it’s expected that The Real Slim Shady will get himself a custom WWE title belt out of the whole deal too.

-However, in spite of this news, Slim Shady’s camp is denying any such agreement is in place. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that, per an Eminem spokesperson, there were discussions between the artist and the video game company, but that was all that happened.

According to one side, the deal is done. According to Slim Shady, there is no deal. Stay tuned to WrestleNewz to see how this one plays out.

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