Undertaker Wrestling Again + Does WWE Have a New Power Couple?

We now may know when The Undertaker could wrestle again. Plus, we have two former WWE Champions who appear to be dating now

With WrestleMania fast approaching, there has been much speculation as to whether or not The Undertaker would be working the show. Thus far, there is no indication that he will be, but there is news that he has a confirmed match approaching.

WWE is booked to hold an event in Saudi Arabia on May 3rd. Wrestling Observer confirms that The Undertaker is indeed slated to work that event.

If you were hoping to see Undertaker work WrestleMania, that may not have been the news you wanted to read. However, considering the more recently rumblings and activity surrounding The Undertaker, it has to be seen as a positive.

Over the last several months, we’ve gone from rumors of a ‘Taker 2019 Hall of Fame induction, to Undertaker working a convention closely connected to All Elite Wrestling, and just about anything in between.

It would seem that the big Saudi checks are more than enough to entice The Dead Man to keep working a bit longer. Whether this improves his chances of showing up to New Jersey remains to be seen.

-If you follow wrestling, you understand that Superstars are together-a lot-and there are several married couples in WWE. It’s not unusual for Superstars to date either.

Now, it seems there’s a chance that two of the more prominent Superstars are getting added to the list.

While nothing is confirmed, it appears that possibly soon-to-be Universal Champion Seth Rollins may in fact be dating possibly soon-to-be RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Several fans posted pictures of the two, out together, to social media. While it’s entirely possible they are just good friends and keeping company while traveling, it’s just as possible there is more to this.

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