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Last week, we reported that singer Taylor Swift got political for the first time in her career when she tried to rally her fans to vote Democrat in an attempt to stop Republican Marsha Blackburn from winning the upcoming senatorial election in Tennessee. Though the liberal media claimed that Swift’s actions had caused a massive spike in voter registrations in the state, new statistics have revealed that her endorsement actually backfired in a big way.

Fortunately, Tennesseans know better

Breitbart reported that a new poll from the firm Cygnal stated that 86% of Tennessee voters said that their choice of candidate had not changed since Swift released her statement. Meanwhile, 82% of those polled said that they were aware of what Swift had to say about the race.

“Millennial and Gen Z voters are highly aware of the endorsement of the Democrat, but it did little to move their vote preference,” explained Matt Hubbard, VP of Research & Analytics at the polling firm. “Swift’s endorsement is providing a boost to get-out-the-vote efforts, but we’re seeing minimal impact on the race.”

Bad Blood

Cygnal President and Founder Brent Buchanan added that Swift’s endorsement may only lead to “‘Bad Blood’ with her conservative fans.”

Swift had stayed silent about politics for much of her career, which is why it came as a huge surprise when she released a lengthy statement on Instagram urging the people of Tennessee to vote against Blackburn, who she claimed was against women. Blackburn, however, predicted that Swift’s endorsement of her Democratic opponent would mean nothing to the vast majority of Tennessee residents.

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“Tennesseans are more interested in the fact that Marsha Blackburn is endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, by the Fraternal Order of Police, by the Police Benevolent Association and by the National Rifle Association, where I have an ‘A’ rating and their endorsement,” the Republican lawmaker said, making it clear that voters in her state don’t care what a pop star thinks about politics.

This should show Swift that she would have been better off if she had just kept her mouth shut about politics. Her foray into politics will clearly not impact this election at all, meaning that all Swift is accomplishing with this is alienating the conservative fans who got her where she is today. Nice try, Taylor, but all you’ve shown with this move is that y0u’re just another left-wing Hollywood sheep!

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