Roseanne Barr returned to her stand-up comedy roots for the first time in months on Saturday night when she took the stage at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fox News reported that controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay was performing there when the club’s manager told him Barr had arrived. Without hesitating, Clay stopped his own act to give his longtime friend the chance to perform.

“A close friend of mine, I’d say about 33 years,” he said to the audience. “There haven’t been many as controversial, as outspoken or as f—kin’ funny. Let’s hear it for Roseanne Barr!”

The crowd went wild as Barr took the stage for her first live performance since she was fired by ABC last May over a controversial tweet she posted about Valerie Jarrett, the former senior advisor to Barack Obama. Since then, Barr has been blacklisted by Hollywood, where the liberals who run the entertainment industry want nothing to do with her. After seeing the reception she got at the Laugh Factory, however, Hollywood liberals might want to rethink her blacklisting, as the audience showed just how missed she is by giving her a standing ovation.

“She hadn’t been onstage since she got fired from ABC, and last night made so many people laugh, and they loved her,” Clay wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of him and Barr. “We are the comedians of this crumbling world, but we are human and sometimes screw up … Our job is to keep you laughing amongst the [chaos] of a world going through pain. She was nervous and afraid last night, but once the audience laughed, she was right back in the groove and crushed. So proud of her!”

We would like to applaud Clay for giving Barr this opportunity to perform again. In doing so, he was risking backlash on himself from the closed-minded world of Hollywood, but he did so anyway just to stand by his friend.

Hopefully, this appearance is the beginning of the comeback that Barr deserves. Liberals in Hollywood are constantly given second chances when they make a mistake, yet conservatives like Barr are blacklisted for life after committing even the slightest infraction. The reception that Barr got at the Laugh Factory shows that the average American has forgiven Barr for what she did and would like to see her perform again. After losing her beloved show, Barr has been punished more than enough for that one tweet. It’s time for Hollywood to let Roseanne Barr off the hook and allow her to resume her career again.

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