After decades working in television, Judge Judy Scheindlin is finally being honored with the Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement at the upcoming Daytime Emmy Awards.

Fox News reported that Judge Judy will be the first person in her genre of TV to be given an award of this kind by the Daytime Emmys.

“The Daytime Emmy Awards recognize both the excellence and vibrant diversity of daytime television programming,” explained NATAS President & CEO Adam Sharp. “Judge Judy Sheindlin epitomizes both, shaping one of the mainstay genres of our medium.”

“Daytime television wouldn’t be what it is today without Judy Sheindlin. ‘Judge Judy’ redefined and reinvigorated the courtroom format propelling the genre to new heights,” said David Michaels, senior vice president and executive producer of the Daytime Emmy Awards.

“Judge Judy” has been a massive hit ever since it premiered back in 1996, and it continues to get an average of ten million viewers every day. Judge Judy herself has been honored with many other awards over the years, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the “Gracie Allen Tribute Award” from American Women in Radio and Television.

Judge Judy will be given her award on May 5 when the Daytime Emmy Awards take place in Los Angeles, California.

Prior to her time as a television star, Judge Judy had a successful career in law. After graduating from New York Law School, she served as a prosecutor in New York City Family Court and was later appointed to the Family Court bench in 1982. She heard over 20,000 cases following her appointment as a Supervising Judge in 1986, and after she started an “open court policy” that allowed the public to come in and view her cases, Judge Judy garnered a reputation for her “tough, no-nonsense jurisprudence.”

Judge Judy has devoted decades not only to entertaining the nation but to helping people who need it in the court of law. If anyone deserves a lifetime achievement award, it’s Judge Judy!

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