Judge Judy justice

Judge Judy Sheindlin is well respected for her no-nonsense approach to the law and impeccable knack for silencing America’s foolish.

She’s suffered more fools than any one person should experience but we love her for it because, darn if it isn’t entertaining!

In case you forgot, here are some of her best quotes to remind you why it’s never smart to mouth off to Judge Judy!

Judge Judy

“Have you ever heard of the K.I.S.S. principle? ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid.'”

“Don’t get too comfortable. This case is not going to take long.”

“You say he harasses you, he says you harass him, you know who is really harassed here? Me!”

“Don’t look up at the heavens. God is not going to help you with this case. Only the truth will set you free.”

“That’s going to be the most expensive curse word you ever said!”

And to cap it all off, check out the amazing highlight reel below for many more.

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