Chris Pratt of Guardians Of The Galaxy fame has quickly garnered a reputation for being one of the classiest guys in Hollywood. Pratt’s kindhearted nature was just shown once again when his ex-wife Anna Faris revealed that he gave her a “heads up” before he proposed to his fiancé, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

“Well, Chris and I had a long conversation earlier on about — our goal was to have group Thanksgiving dinners together and to be at that place,” Farris said of the proposal, according to Fox News.

“Do we do that sooner or later? Grudge holding is not something that Chris and I do,” she added. “So, we wanted to make sure, of course, that Jack [their 6-year-old son] was happy, but that we were happy and supportive of each other and that we could have this fantasy idea of, do we all spend Christmas together? Do we all vacation together? How do we make sure that everybody that we love feels safe, and that we also respect the love we have for each other?”

Farris, who stars on the CBS sitcom “Mom,” went on to say that Pratt called her personally before proposing to Schwarzenegger.

“So, he was so sweet, as he always is, he called me like, ‘So, I’m going to ask Katherine to marry me. I just wanted to give you a heads up,’ and I was like, ‘That’s awesome!’ and I told him that I was an ordained minister,” said Faris.

Pratt and Faris were married for nine years before their divorce was finalized in 2018. The Jurassic World star has since found love with Schwarzenegger, who shares his deep Christian faith.

It’s so nice to see that Pratt was such a class act in the way he dealt with his ex when it came to this proposal. Divorce is never easy, and it is especially difficult to get along with your ex once everything is said and done. Jack is lucky to have two parents like Pratt and Faris, who have made getting along with one another such a huge priority!

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