WWE Prepping For Announcer Exit +Explaining Lacey Evans’ Appearance+ IMPACT News

Is WWE preparing to lose a key member of it's announcing team? We've got a bit more information on Lacey Evans' random appearance. Plus,bonus IMPACT News

-WWE always seems to have plans in case someone leaves or rolls within the company change. This is no different for their diverse announcing team.

With the salacious news coming out over the weekend pertaining to a key figure on the main announce team, you’d think the exit was likely to be Corey Graves-related, but it is not.

Longtime WWE broadcaster Michael Cole may be primed for a transition soon, per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Cole, who has been with the company for over twenty years, is also a major voice behind the scenes. It appears both he and WWE are preparing for a move that would see Cole backstage a lot more than he would be in front of the camera.

-If you saw Elimination Chamber on Sunday evening, you noticed a seemingly random appearance by Lacey Evans.

The appearance seemed odd at the time, but Wrestling Observer explains there’s something to it. Per Dave Meltzer, the recent NXT graduate should be primed for a major push in the coming weeks and months. Though Evans is not currently involved in an active program, the move was done to give her exposure so fans get to know the Lady of WWE.

-On a busy sports Sunday, some IMPACT news may have gotten somewhat lost in the shuffle.

Former IMPACT and WWE star Gail Kim made a huge announcement at the IMPACT television tapings. Kim had been working as a backstage producer for IMPACT. She resigned from that position and will be returning to in-ring action. This became part of an angle with Knockout star (and former NXT employee) Tessa Blanchard.

The move is a nice one for IMPACT, especially considering Gail Kim’s stature. The former WWE Superstar surely would have (and could still) attract interest from WWE, though she has been pretty firm in her decision not to work for them again. On the other hand, an active Gail Kim could attract a great deal of interest from a certain other wrestling promotion.

In other IMPACT news, it appears that former NXT performer and Sanity member Sawyer Fulton may be close to finding a home. PWInsider reported that Fulton was seen at the recent IMPACT television tapings, though he did not appear on camera.

Several other former WWE developmental talents did work the tapings, however, though none of them were of any note to NXT.


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