Who Might AEW Be Talking To + Could Tag Team Leave WWE?

-Recently, it was reported that AEW was talking to a major WWE Superstar about possibly leaving the company. The source of that speculation declined to offer a name, but apparently someone else has a good idea of who.

According to Fightful’s SmackDown after-show, the belief is that All Elite Wrestling has possibly made a very substantial offer to third generation Superstar Randy Orton.

This would be a very bold move indeed, but it does make some sense. While AEW has been connected to many current free agents, as well as several who will are, or might be, leaving WWE soon (Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles), being linked to someone of Orton’s stature-and status-is notable.

While Orton is not the biggest Superstar of his generation, he is absolutely among the top tier. He’s often overshadowed by John Cena among others, but his work is top notch. He’s held numerous championships throughout his long WWE tenure. He’s always in a top role, even now with a scaled back schedule. Securing his services would be a major move by AEW.

-Also mentioned on the Fightful show was a concern that a top WWE tag team might be departing once their contracts expire. No, this is not more news on The Revival, though this would make their departure all the more painful.

It is being reported that there are those within WWE that are worried that when the contracts of Jimmy and Jey Uso expire, the brothers may not re-sign with WWE. As far as tag teams go, they are easily one of the best teams in WWE over the last decade. At times, they carried the division.

Immediately, one would wonder if their decision to not renew their contracts could indicate they would join All Elite Wrestling. Currently, that is just one angle, but it is not believed to be the driving force behind the feeling that the brothers may not re-sign when the time comes.

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