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An Oklahoma man gave a group of would-be armed robbers a run for their money as he protected his home, shooting first as the young men preparing to break in carrying firearms. And it was all caught on the homeowner’s front porch camera.

The incident took place outside of Tulsa in the city of Broken Arrow, Okla. around 6 p.m. The homeowner said he decided to grab his gun and wait by the front door after he saw three armed men standing in his driveway.

The “Castle Doctrine” inĀ America allows for using deadly force to protect one’s home.

The homeowner waited until the raiders broke through the door before firing off one shot in their direction.

At that point, the gun-toting hopeful robbers turned tail and ran, getting nothing for their foolish effort.

“Everyone in the State of Oklahoma has a right to defend themselves inside their home,” Officer James Koch with the Broken Arrow Police Department said in an interview with local media.

The homeowner’s neighbors heard the shot and headed outside to see what the commotion was about.

“I was just inside listening to my Will Smith CD,” neighbor Cash MacDonald explained following the encounter.

But the incident happened so quickly that by the time anyone looked, the suspects had fled the scene. Police have opened an investigation and are still looking for the would-be assailants and the homeowner requested to remain unnamed in fear they men might come back.

“The suspects were not wearing masks, which is uncommon,” Officer Koch said. “Also in what appears to be broad daylight.”

Hopefully, the close encounter with a homeowner prepared to defend himself and his home is a wake-up call for the three men who seem to think armed robbery is a worthwhile pursuit.

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