Keep Becky Lynch Vs. Ronda Rousey As Is

Dear WWE Creative,

An explosive start has been paved for the Road to Wrestlemania, with stellar storytelling during the Royal Rumble as it relates to both Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. I think it’s fair to say that the promise the McMahon Family made in late December around “listening to the fans” moving forward is being fulfilled with not only The Man being crowned the winner of the women’s Royal Rumble, but Seth Rollins scoring the win for the men’s match.

But, I digress.

The WWE Universe is well behind Lynch right now, and her unravelling Cinderella story since SummerSlam has been fantastic to witness. From being the Marty Janetty of the NXT Four Horsewomen stable once she was called up to the main roster, she’s moved from the shadows of her peers onto center stage, and has been in WWE’s spotlight recently in full force;  not only leading the main stream media buzz in the women’s division of the company, but giving the men of the company a run for the money. She truly is the face of the WWE right now, and for fans who have wanted her to be placed in the limelight, this is a dream come true. From matches, to promos, to social media, Lynch is simply killing it. She shouldn’t be in the main event; however, here she is, and she’s truly blossoming.

Then there’s Ronda Rousey. A star within any ring she enters, the WWE had their eyes on her and courted her to the company. A year after her debut, she’s done a fantastic job in a short amount of time in the WWE, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Rousey’s ability to entertain both in the ring and on the mic. She’s simply dominated the RAW Women’s division and has caught on quick to the ins and outs of this business.

Mesh these two women together and what do you have? A main event match; the first-ever women’s bout that could potential close Wrestlemania. The women could make history once again, and perhaps Lynch should thank Nia Jax for breaking her face, as the very idea of Becks hitting this milestone gives me, and probably many other fans, goosebumps. The buildup to the Rousey vs Lynch Survivor Series program was on point; both in front of the WWE television cameras and on social media. The big blow out on the go-home Monday Night RAW to the big pay-per-view, with Lynch standing tall, face drenched in blood, might very well become an iconic moment during this era in WWE programming. The Universe wants to see Ronda Rousey versus Becky Lynch; they want to see it WM 35, and they want to see them headline the show. The match, due to injury circumstances, was taken away from us in November, perhaps a good thing in the long run for Lynch, nevertheless, the rivalry has been built up flawlessly to the point where fans want it and want more.

While I love Charlotte Flair; the persona, the athlete, and all she’s accomplished in the WWE, one thing I don’t want, and many fans may agree with me, is for her to be added to the Rousey/Lynch WM 35 feud. She’s somehow wedged her way into the entire thing when she became a replacement for Becks at Survivor Series, and has become a supporting character in a program that doesn’t really require it at this point in time. This point of view has nothing to do with Charlotte dominating many of the first-evers in the women’s division, or the push she’s received since she entered the main roster back in 2016. Moreover, it’s just the fact that the Becks and Ronda story and rivalry is compelling on its own.

Reports indicate that you have an angle to place Flair in the match, and while I should give it a chance, I did roll my eyes at the thought of it. It’s not that Flair would take away from Lynch’s spotlight at WM 35; it’s that the Rousey/Becky story as it is works, and works well. Adding another player into the bout robs fans of seeing this incredible one-on-one, and I’ve never particularly been a fan of triple threats.

So, here’s my plea: before this starts to unfold any further, for the sake of “listening to the fans”, please keep The Man versus The Baddest Woman on the Planet as is. For the sake of the women, for the sake history, for the sake of the program and its story.