Daniel Bryan Vs. Kevin Owens For WM 35? New HOF Rule For Superstars

Daniel Bryan Vs. Kevin Owens For WM 35? New HOF Rule For Superstars. Daniel Bryan versus Kevin Owens may be in the cards for the WWE title come WM 35.

– Since his performance on last week’s SmackDown LIVE gauntlet match and the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Kofi Kingston has created some incredible momentum with the WWE Universe. In fact, #KofiMania has been trending on Twitter, as fans want to see him in the title race picture come Wrestlemania 35.

The good news is, he’ll get a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match come the Fastlane event, scheduled for Sunday March 10th. Bad news? It’s still not the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Could Kingston make it to ‘Mania? Anything is possible in the land of the WWE; however, Wrestle Votes on Twitter, who have broken WWE news in before, recently posted this tweet, stating that Kevin Owens is the front runner for a WM 35 WWE title match against the NEW Daniel Bryan. See below:

With promos airing on both Monday Night RAW and SD LIVE, we all know that Kevin Owens is making his way back to the ring from injury, and it seems as if he’ll be playing a baby face on his next run. Nothing is ever written in stone, so fans will have to keep a close eye on how this all unfolds.

Who doesn’t love the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony? It’s a chance to see some incredible video montages, honor wrestling legends, listen to hilarious speeches and old stories, and see all our favorite WWE superstars all donned up in their best and finest attire.

It also happens to be one of those events that seems to drag on forever, which is why some superstars left the ceremony early last year. Unfortunately, some talent were also whooping it up on Instagram outside the ceremony, snapping photos and placing them on their story, before the event wrapped up.

As per Ringside News, WWE’s Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon wasn’t too pleased with the infamous Hall of Fame crowd shot that circled the internet, showing an empty seating area where the current roster should have been, while the Hall of Fame speeches were still going. So it seems that a new policy has popped up for WWE superstars and the HOF; that is, they have to remain at the ceremony until the entire event is over.

There may likely be exceptions to the rule for those talent that have really early morning commitments the next day, but otherwise, it seems like EVERYONE will have to enjoy the Hall of Fame event until the very last word is spoken this year.

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