When Can We Expect Owens And Zayn? + All Elite Chasing Free Agents

-Shortly after Vince McMahon and family announced WWE was entering a new era, they promised new faces. While not new, shortly after the announcement, we saw graphics hyping the returns of two familiar faces-Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Both men have been off television for several months, recovering from surgeries to repair previous injuries. Zayn actually stated last week that he wasn’t that close, and that he was surprised how he didn’t actually miss the grind. Of course, Zayn saying he “wasn’t close” could all be part of the plan. It could also be relative-to him, does close mean showing up in a week or two, versus a month or two? is now reporting that the earliest we may see both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn could be at the Royal Rumble itself. They suggest that both could end up as surprise entrants. This last part then begs the question: if WWE plans to use them as surprise entrants (and we don’t know that they do), why ruin the surprise by running the “returning soon” graphics? As it is, fans have already expected at least one of them to return at the Rumble, due to injury timing and such.

– Yesterday we reported that that All Elite Wrestling has become official. It should be no surprise then, that AEW will join WWE in hot pursuit of at least certain free agents. reports that two of the early free agent targets of the new promotion could be DJZ and Trevor Lee.

In terms of talent acquisitions, WWE may not welcome the competition for wrestlers. Fans, however, will surely welcome the competition if the new promotion pushes WWE to get more creative. When last WWE was pushed, by WCW and at times ECW, it gave wrestling fans some of the best live television we’ve ever enjoyed.


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