Watch Tim Allen Destroys Liberal ‘Snowflakes’ on ‘Last Man Standing’

Tim Allen is spot on!

Tim Allen’s show “Last Man Standing” is one of the funniest on television. The show stars Tim Allen as the only man in a household with four other women, including his wife and three daughters. What makes the show unique and great is that it doesn’t toe the liberal Hollywood line. Instead, it is not afraid to call out Hollywood and liberal culture.

Tim Allen Tackles ‘Snowflakes’

In one of the final episodes of “Last Man Standing,” before they initially pulled it off the air, Tim absolutely eviscerates whiny liberal snowflakes and their microaggressions after his daughter asks for help with a school project.

She tells him that he can’t say anything that might offend any of the students subjected to his speech. Watch:

He completely takes the far left lunacy to task on all the nonsense and rules colleges use to limit free speech.

Watch Tim just destroy the politically-correct Hollywood elite and the precious liberal snowflakes in a way only he can do! H

e surely put the thought police’s panties in a bunch with this speech!

If you did not laugh at this, I don’t know what to say. My favorite part is when Tim says, “I know what microaggressions are, it’s the latest liberal attack on free speech and a lot of fun if you do it right!”

Liberal Hollywood Invokes Cancel Culture

Liberal Hollywood clearly couldn’t handle Tim Allen’s straight talk the first time.

He doesn’t subscribe to left-wing talking points and he found his show canceled even though it was highly rated! But because America loved him so much, they had to bring him back!

After watching this clip, it’s easy to see why so many believe the show was canceled because it drew in so many conservative viewers and themes.

What was your favorite part? What’s your favorite “Last Man Standing” episode?

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