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Rosie O’Donnell has been in an intense feud with President Donald Trump for over a decade. The two spent years going back and forth taking jabs at each other until Trump took office, at which time he backed off.

Though Trump has not mentioned O’Donnell since he took office, her hatred for him has only grown in the past three years. It seems that the more one-sided the feud gets, the more deranged O’Donnell becomes with her anti-Trump hatred, and her attacks on him have gotten more and more disturbing.

Breitbart reported that O’Donnell took to Twitter once again on Monday to call Trump a “criminal” who “we must get rid of.”

She wrote this after one of her followers reminded her of a 2017 tweet she wrote in which she called for martial law to be imposed and for Trump’s inauguration to be delayed.

A few months ago, O’Donnell went on MSNBC to whine about how she was so upset about Trump being elected president that she felt she could not go out in public for a whole year.

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“I actually got physically sick that night. I thought to myself, this cannot be happening,” O’Donnell lamented. “When he got the nomination, I thought I just have to wait until election day. And then he won. It took a good year to compose myself in public again. I took a year out of the spotlight.”

At this point, O’Donnell is behaving so pathetically that her situation almost makes you feel bad for her. She has allowed her anti-Trump hatred to consume her in such a complete and total way. It’s turned her into a hateful and vindictive monster who is willing to do absolutely anything to get rid of the sitting president in any way possible. For her own mental wellbeing, we would advise O’Donnell to let her one-sided feud with Trump go and to move on with her life.

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