Tide Pod Challenge

In a bizarre and truly disturbing trend, some teens and millennials have begun taking the Tide Pod Challenge. In an attempt to get more followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, teens are eating colorful Tide detergent pods.

This has landed a number of people in the hospital, forcing them to get their stomachs pumped. Utah Poison Control even reports there have been several deaths from this insanely stupid challenge. You can see some of these fools eating these chemicals, and a doctor’s response, in the video below.

But, that’s not where this foolish behavior ends. Vaping was originally used to help people quit smoking cigarettes, but now, some millennials are looking to ingest very harmful chemicals right into their lungs by vaping Tide Pods.

One idiot recorded himself vaping Tide Pods, which you can see in the image below.

The quest for views certainly worked out for this guy because his demonstration received over 100,000 views. However, the video of this foolishness has since been removed.

Many states are looking to regulate vaping, so people recording themselves vaping Tide Pods are playing right into the hands of government cronies who want to take their electronic cigarettes away.

Doctors are horrified by this trend. Most people over the age of three realize that you shouldn’t eat detergent, but these teens, and young adults, apparently will put their own health at risk for attention.

Tide even has a disclaimer on its packaging telling customers to not eat detergent. These fools can’t even abide by a common sense warning that is meant to protect their health. Instead, they are channeling their inner toddlers.

Many of us had our mouths washed out with soap when we were kids if we said bad words. We hated every moment of it, and it wasn’t even a health risk. Today’s kids are consuming¬†harmful detergent, not for punishment, but for popularity!

Check out a news report on this dangerous new trend in the video below:

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Source: Unilad