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People do a lot of dumb things for internet fame. The “In My Feelings” Challenge has stepped that stupidity up to a whole new level for a lot of teens and young adults. Just when we thought we saw it all with this challenge, the best had yet to come.

The challenge has people getting out of their cars and dancing with the door open while playing Drake’s song “In My Feelings.” Some people have taken to jumping out of moving cars. Those of us of a certain age might have done some foolish things in our youth, but nothing this absurd. This is Darwin’s Theory level dumb.

One young man learned how stupid people found him when he was dancing aside the car as it drove down the street. A large man on the sidewalk took notice of the ridiculous behavior and provided him with the internet fame he was seeking but for a completely different reason. The man couldn’t help but smack the dancer in the head, knocking him to the ground all while the camera was rolling.

To add insult to injury after smacking the dancer to the ground, the man pointed at the driver and yelled “NO!” It is a hilarious video that certainly highlights the generation gap between those of us who grew up before the era and those seeking viral video fame.

While violence is not a good solution, it’s hard not to get angry at someone for putting a stop to the reckless behavior. It might be funny and cute to the youths, but it’s dangerous. It’s a risk not only to their own safety but to other drivers and pedestrians. It’s hard to imagine a responsible adult participating in such absurdity. If you’ve had enough of the “In My Feelings” Challenge, you will laugh at the video below.


Source: Daily Mail

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