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Ever since the Covington High School scandal broke, comedian Kathy Griffin has been leading the charge against the MAGA hat-wearing student, despite the fact that video footage has exonerated them of any wrongdoing. Now, Griffin is frantically trying to backtrack after taking to Twitter to attack the high school kids with fake news.

Fox News reported that Griffin has deleted a tweet she posted that included an image of Covington High School students playing basketball along with the caption, “Covington’s finest throwing up the new nazi sign.” The leftwing comedian was oblivious to the fact that the teenagers were actually flashing an “OK” sign, which is typically used in basketball after a three-point shot is scored.

Griffin clearly thought that she could get away with deleting the tweet without anyone noticing her foolish mistake, but unfortunately for her, we have screenshots of what she said!

“MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was kind enough to reply and correct me, so I deleted the tweet,” Griffin said after she was called out for what she posted.

This comes days after Griffin called for the high school children to be named and doxxed by the public.

Keep in mind that Griffin is a 58-year-old woman who is spending her time going after underaged boys who did absolutely nothing wrong. Griffin and her liberal lynch mob could care less about whether or not the boys are at fault because, in their eyes, the students are evildoers just for wearing MAGA hats. Griffin sees it as unforgivable for anyone to dare support the president and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to vilify and destroy all of Donald Trump’s supporters.

It’s sad that Griffin’s hatred for Trump has allowed her to hit such a low as to attack young children. We can only hope that someday, Griffin learns how to let go of the hate in her heart and move on with her life.

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