Kathy Griffin CNN New Years Eve

Remember when Kathy Griffin was taken off last year’s CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage when she disgustingly held a bloody mock decapitated head of President Trump?

Well, she won’t be coming back this year either.

This week, CNN announced that host Anderson Cooper will be joined by Andy Cohen – who replaced Griffin last year – for the cable news network’s annual “New Year’s Eve Live” program. While Cooper and Cohen will cover the east coast, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon will be part of the central time zone coverage.

“Getting to ring in the New Year with Andy is a total joy and I can’t wait for the big night!” Cooper said in a press release.

Cohen was also excited. “Who would’ve thought 25 years of friendship would lead to an almost-tradition of co-hosting New Year’s Eve on CNN!?” said Cohen. “I’m so excited to spend New Year’s with my friend again and promise not to complain about the bitter cold!”

But the best part is… Kathy Griffin won’t be there.

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper cut ties

The backlash was so bad after she insulted – threatened perhaps? – the president that she would eventually apologize. Then at a later time, she took her apology back.

A real piece of work, that Kathy Griffin.

This is the 11th year CNN has presented their New Year’s Eve show, where Cooper and Griffin were longtime mainstays. Griffin has said she has since ended her personal friendship with Cooper over what happened. The comedienne believes he did not do enough to defend her during the controversy.

Do you think Griffin ever stopped to think that maybe a lot of their intended audience actually likes Donald Trump? After all, millions of people voted for the man, electing him president. Not all of America is like the liberal bubble she apparently never steps out of.

When you make certain actions, and this is especially true of public figures, sometimes you pay a price.

Just ask CNN. Just ask Kathy Griffin.