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Over the past few years, Hollywood award shows have been transformed into political lectures in which liberal actors bash President Donald Trump and tell the rest of us what we should think about politics. As a result, the ratings for award shows like the Golden Globes, have been on the decline in recent years, as people would rather turn off their televisions than be screamed at about politics by out of touch Hollywood stars.

After the Golden Globe nominations were announced last week, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak took to Twitter to slam the award show and offer them a suggestion as to how they can get viewers back.

Sajak really hits the nail on the head with this sentiment. Hollywood stars are so full of themselves that they don’t realize that we don’t care at all what their political beliefs are. Award shows should be a form of escapism that allows Americans to take a break from all the problems in the world and focus on the movies we love. Actors have sucked all the fun out of these shows with their deranged leftwing rants, and viewers have responded by refusing to watch the award shows altogether.

On top of that, Hollywood stars are so wealthy and out of touch that their views rarely even align with those of working-class Americans who just want to take care of their families and put food on the table. It is these Americans who President Trump is trying to help out, not the loudmouth Hollywood stars who love to hate him.

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