Christmas photos screaming woman

When a group of Floridians started taking some Christmas photos in a public park recently, one woman went nuts over it.

This definitely belongs in the “What’s Wrong with People?” category.

Screaming and using profanity, Debbie DeCaro seemed to believe the group taking photos was somehow breaking the law.

“Every week, they were here yesterday … yesterday! Every weekend,” shouted DeCaro. The incident was filmed by resident Angel Ruiz.

“Every f***ing day,” DeCaro added. “This is not your studio.”

DeCaro was apparently mad – for whatever bizarre reason – that this group of eight people had also used the park the day before. Ruiz said he wasn’t there the day before (and so what if he was?)

The group consisted of Ruiz, his girlfriend Nickolette Mottola, and six other people, including children.

So this woman was basically cursing at kids. Classy. (Warning: Strong language)

“Every f***ing day. This is not your studio!”

The group used a Christmas tree as a prop for their holiday photos, but so what?

This all happened in the city of Coral Springs, which allows anyone to take photos in their parks, but professional photographers need a permit. “If they are operating as a professional, then we inform them of this,” said Louis Goldstein, assistant director of parks and recreation for the City of Coral Springs.

But these were just regular people taking regular photos. It wasn’t a big deal by any stretch of the imagination.

“We were leaving, and this lady appears and starts screaming at us and spewing profanity,” Ruiz told Coral Spring Talk.

Ruiz’s girlfriend, Mottola, does own a professional photography company, but that apparently had nothing to do with the photos they were taking that day, which obviously triggered DeCaro.

Some YouTube commenters wondered if the screaming DeCaro might be mentally ill.

Perhaps, but at the very least, she needs to learn to mind her own business.

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