WWE Crown Jewel (11/2/2018): Live Viewing Party For Fan Comments

Despite all the controversy, Crown Jewel takes place at 12 PM EST today. The marquee match is Shawn Michals coming out of retirement to team with Triple H against Undertaker & Kane. After some late changes, WWE Champion AJ Styles now takes on Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar battle again, with the winner taking home the vacant Universal Championship. Plus, there is the World Cup Tournament which sees eight wrestlers battle, with four from RAW and four from SmackDown.

As always, our Twitter account (@WrestleNewz) will be covering the show, which should be interesting. Like last week, our typical typical play by play coverage as been thrown out the window. We’re leaving the post mostly blank and focusing in on what our loyal readers have to say about tonight’s SmackDown. The comments section down below is always a hoot thanks to everyone that contributes and we hope that tradition continues this evening.

All that’s left to do is relax, put your feet up, grab food, a drink and let the WWE superstars entertain us. Below is the final card.

Shawn Michaels & Triple H vs. Kane & Undertaker

WWE Championship: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

For the Vacant Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Bar vs. New Day

World Cup Tournament: Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley

World Cup Tournament: Kurt Angle vs. Dolph Ziggler

World Cup Tournament: Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

World Cup Tournament: Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz

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