Fox News host Tomi Lahren posted an Instagram photo on Halloween portraying Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo from 2017 where the “comedienne” held a bloody fake head of Donald Trump…

26-year-old Lahren wore a red wig and blue shirt, holding a scary looking clown head with a long caption that featured in part, “Kathy, where’s your head at?”

57-year-old Griffin was not amused, to say the least. She responded an hour later on Twitter, “Gosh you are just so original @TomiLahren! I thought images like this one incite violence! At least that’s what you and your colleagues at @FoxNews have told me for the past year and a half. I’m busy on tour right now or I’d dress up as you: a dumb, racist, and talentless hack.”

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“Dumb!” “racist!” “talentless!”

You know the liberal drill.

Lahren obviously struck a nerve.

And she kept going. Lahren responded to Griffin on Twitter, “You’re right Kathy, if I was trying to impersonate you I should have worn the clown mask instead. That’s my bad! Happy Halloween! Xoxo.”

Lauren’s original Instagram post had a number of gems:

“He ruined me. Sometimes I do things and you may wonder, Kathy, where is your head at? Well folks, I’m taking matters into my own hands.”

“Yes, some may say I am looking more and more like Ronald McDonald by the day and you’re not wrong. BUT I will stand here with my head held high!”

“Happy Halloween from all of us infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome! MAGA!”

No doubt, at some other place and time, these two will continue to feud. How could they not?

In the meantime, it will always be fun to mock Kathy Griffin for her stupid and offensive anti-Trump stunt in 2017.

Tomi Lahren is but the latest conservative to throw the disgraced comedian a well-deserved jab.

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