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Over the past year, Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha has become a major thorn in the royal’s side, as she has been giving numerous humiliating interviews about her. Now, with Meghan expecting her first child in the spring, Samantha has launched a sick plan to “hijack” the birth and use it to make money for herself.

Daily Mail reported that Samantha is planning to release her new book “In The Shadows Of The Duchess” in April or May to coincide with the birth of Meghan’s baby. She recently announced that she had added more to the book and that she would be “hold nothing back” as she reveals what Meghan is really like.

“In The Shadows Of The Duchess covers everything… the world does not know truth total truth… (I’m) holding nothing back! From lullabies to’s all [there] in my book,” Samantha said.

She added that she will also be talking about the “cyberbullying” she claims to have experienced since Meghan became a royal.

“On top of it, I am dealing with cyberstalking and cyberbullying with little Twitter trolls… they’re kind of nasty sending out banners and propaganda about me that’s disparaging and not true,” Samantha said.

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This comes weeks after Samantha publicly apologized to Meghan and indicated that she wanted to make peace with the royal. It’s safe to say that this little truce did not last long!

This latest move by Samantha proves once and for all that she doesn’t actually want to make peace with her sister. Instead, she wants to make as much money off of Meghan as she can, and she’s not afraid to throw her own flesh and blood under the bus to do it. It’s sad that Meghan’s family members care more about making money off of her than they care about actually having a relationship with her.

Shame on you, Samantha Markle!

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