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Earlier this month, Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha claimed that she wanted to start fresh with the royal and focus on reconciling with her. Just a few days later, however, Samantha has once again publicly bashed Meghan, saying she lied.

Daily Mail reported that Samantha took to Twitter to slam her sister immediately after Meghan gave a speech at the University of the South Pacific’s Suva campus in Fiji. There, Meghan claimed that she had a difficult time paying for her college education and that she was forced to rely on “scholarships and financial aid programs” in order to graduate.

On her Twitter page, which is set to private, Samantha claimed that this statement was blatantly untrue.

“Dad paid her college tuition! She forgot the most important part of her speech and there are receipts to prove it,” Samantha wrote. “I love my sister but this is ridiculous. You can’t lie like this, Meg! Delusionally absurd.”

Samantha was trying to end the feud less than two weeks ago.

This comes less than two weeks after Samantha publicly claimed that she wanted to make amends with Meghan in the wake of her pregnancy announcement.

“I was kind of overwhelmed with emotion and I just thought, I’m letting everything go,” Samantha said at the time. “It’s beautiful, and I’m so excited for Harry, too.”

Clearly, that mentality didn’t last long!

Whether Meghan really was lying during her speech or not, publicly bashing her once again was not the right way for Samantha to respond if reconciliation is what she’s really after. Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they will cut off anyone close to them who speaks about them publicly, as this is the only way that they can ever get any kind of privacy.

If Samantha would just keep her mouth shut, perhaps Meghan would reach out to her sometime in the future. With her latest statement, however, Samantha has made it clear that she has no interest in reconciliation and instead just wants to use her royal sister to get fame and publicity for herself.

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