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Get ready to cry. When the man simply known as “Omar” of “OmarGoshTV” YouTube fame went out to ask homeless people for food or money, their responses will touch your heart.

Dressed as a homeless person, Omar approaches different people living on the streets and asks them for help.

One man sleeping in a doorway was awakened by Omar. Omar asked “Any spare change?” You see the elderly man reach into his pocket to give Omar the little change he had.

And that’s just the first scene.

I was already crying 30 seconds in.

“One day you might have a chance to share with me”

In the next scene, Omar sees a man sleeping on a park bench. Omar says “You got any money?” The man replies “no, but I got something to eat.”

As the man shares his food with Omar he tells him “One day you might have a chance to share with me.”

When Omar handed the man cash, he looked surprised but grateful. Omar explained that he was giving him the money because he was prepared to share his food with him even though he had nothing.

The man just didn’t want to see Omar go hungry.

In the scene that follows, Omar asked for change again and a homeless man without hesitation gave him the few coins he had. It looked to be less than a dollar in the video.

“That’s all you have?” Omar asked as the homeless man looked at his coins.

One homeless woman who gave Omar a sandwich originally refused when he tried to hand her cash in kind return. “No, you need that” she said. He explained that he didn’t.

But she wasn’t going to let him give her money. She was worried about his well-being. “I thought maybe you need something to eat?” she said, confused, but eventually grateful.

When Omar handed one man $20, he blessed him.

“God bless you,” Omar replied. “You were going to give me everything you had in your pocket right now. “That makes you a really good man.”

“Stand up and give me a hug,” Omar said.

You have to watch the entire video. It will make your day.

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