Candace Cameron Bure

In an interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Candace Cameron Bure spoke about the path she’s chosen for her career and deliberately taking on roles in family entertainment as well as walking away from her regular co-hosting gig on ABC’s The View.

After discussing her move to becoming a Hallmark movie staple, Williams asked Bure about her time at the often contentious set of The View which has always been notoriously hostile to conservatism and Christianity.

“I don’t miss ‘The View,’ at all,” Bure replied. “I love being on talk shows, I love hosting talk shows but that was a hard job every single day, talking politics.”

Family entertainment

“I’ve chosen to be in family entertainment, that has been an intentional decision on my part,” she said. “I never wanted to go down a dark road, even as an actress.”

As only Hollywood can do, Bure‘s choice to not become the typical chewed up and spit out child star has cost her.

“I have experienced discrimination in the faith department for sure, in my career, but I don’t experience it as much now,” she said. “I think because so many people know me for it, I think they look to me for my faith. If they’re not looking for that, they don’t hire me.”

Sounds typical of the rank hypocrisy that goes on in Hollywood, which claims to be so “tolerant.” Bure’s fellow child star and brother, Kirk Cameron, has also forged his own path in Hollywood by catering to the immense fan base seeking out faith-based and family-friendly entertainment.

Candace Cameron Bure’s outspoken beliefs

Bure added that her beliefs have also gotten her removed from appearances on shows.

“The booker would go, ‘Oh yeah, we don’t want her on.’ I had that happen a handful of times,” she said.

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