Batista Vs. Triple H Off? + Massive Changes Made To Survivor Series

– At Crown Jewel, Triple H suffered a pectoral muscle injury and his status for WrestleMania 35 is much in the air. One of the rumored matches for WrestleMania 35 was Triple H vs. Batista. If Triple H is unable to compete, Dave Meltzer speculated on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Randy Orton could fill that spot due to their past.

“If Batista wants to do it, I guess Orton would be the guy and it would probably be a better match now,” said Meltzer. But it’s not as big of a match. But yeah, that would be the guy though.”

WWE teased the match at SmackDown 1,000 when Batista hyped Triple H up as accomplishing everything in the business except beat him. They shared an intense stare before Ric Flair got in the middle. 

It is not secret that Batista wants a final run in WWE and he always spoke highly of his feud with Triple H. If Triple H is out of the picture, Batista could pass on the opportunity. There is always next year, but Triple H works a light schedule inside the ring and Batista will turn 50 in January. If WWE was to put the match together, time is running out.

– With Roman Reigns having to vacate the Universal Championship to once again battle leukemia, it has caused WWE to drastically change short and long term programs.

This year, Survivor Series was not going to feature the theme RAW vs. SmackDown but that has already changed according to @WrestleVotes. Originally, Vince McMahon did not want Universal Champion Reigns vs. WWE Champion AJ Styles. With Brock Lesnar again being champion, WWE is going forward with Lesnar vs. Styles for the second year in a row.

Also, the women from RAW and SmackDown will meet in an elimination style match. The participants are yet to be announced, but it will not be Ronda Rousey or Becky Lynch as they will wrestle each other at Survivor Series. There was talk of Team Kurt Angle vs. Team Baron Corbin with much of the storyline already happening on TV, but that match is longer certain due to drastic changes being made to current and future storylines.

As for Shawn Michaels, the belief was he would work another match in WWE after returning at Crown Jewel. He was rumored to take on the Undertaker, but Michaels did state after Crown Jewel that he did not plan to wrestle again. That could have been decided before Crown Jewel or after the show since Triple H suffered an injury.

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