Young Bucks & WWE Superstar Disapprove Of Crown Jewel Decision?

– As reported by WNZ earlier, WWE has decided to move forward with their Crown Jewel event this November 2nd, and have confirmed the location will indeed be Saudi Arabia.

While some fans may choose to tune in – after all we’re talking the crowning of a new Universal Champion, Shawn Michaels in-ring return, as well as potentially Hulk Hogan being there – there are also many who may decide to boycott the pay-per-view (PPV). The WWE deciding on the Saudi location has been up for debate for weeks now, thanks to the recent controversy that has spotlighted within this region of the world.

One individual who may opt out of checking out Crown Jewel is The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson. Hours after the WWE confirmed that they plan to continue with the PPV, Jackson hopped on Twitter to post the following:

It’s important to note that Jackson did not hashtag the event, nor use #BoycottCrownJewel, but it is hard to ignore what the statement is referring to, as we all know money was one big reason behind why the WWE moved ahead with PPV in this fashion.

– Speaking of said cryptic tweet, a WWE superstar took the opportunity to respond to Jackson today; however, it might not be a ‘word’ that company management may frown upon.

The Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger hopped on Twitter a couple of hours after Matt posted his tweet and responded with the below:

So ‘word’ is simply one word (no pun intended); however, we all know that in slang, it translates to an act of agreeance. So, simply put, Dillinger whole-heartily agrees with Matt’s Twitter statement. Guess he may not be going to Crown Jewel; at this point, Tye Dillinger is not booked on the card anyways.

Here’s hoping that word doesn’t get the Perfect 10 in any hot water. Sadly, despite the fact he’s over with the WWE Universe, and his ‘10’ gimmick caught on like wildfire, he’s rarely seen on SmackDown television. A few weeks back there seemed a glimmer of hope around a potential program with Randy Orton; however, since The Viper laid a beatdown on Tye, Dillinger hasn’t really been seen that much since.

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