RAW GM Returns, New Evolution Match

-During a World Cup battle royal qualifying match on RAW, we saw an impressive return. During a backstage segment leading up to the qualifier, it appeared as though Heath Slater wanted in. It was logical to think Slater could be one of the masked competitors for the match. Acting GM Baron Corbin rigged the match in his favor with a bunch of international jobbers. However, just when Corbin thought he was victorious, the gold-c0vered Conquistador re-entered and eliminated Baron Corbin. At this point, the man unmasked, revealing himself to be none other than vacationing RAW GM Kurt Angle.

With the win, Angle joins John Cena as having qualified for the World Cup competition. The winner of the World Cup will be crowned during Crown Jewel. The event, broadcast live from Saudi Arabia, will be exclusive to the WWE Network in November.

Trish Stratus had been announced for RAW to hype Evolution later this month. Before the WWE Hall of Famer could do much hyping, she was confronted by Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. After some jawing back and forth, with Stratus offering to go right then and there, things got interesting.

Mickie James suggested that she should team with Alexa Bliss against the seven time WWE women’s champion. At that suggestion, Trish Stratus asked herself just who would be extreme enough to tag with Total Stratusfaction. At that point, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Lita’s music hit and she joined the fray.

Just like that, a match that we had been preparing for-Alexa Bliss versus Trish Stratus-became a huge tag team affair as Alexa Bliss and Mickie James will now battle Trish Stratus and Lita.

Evolution, WWE’s first ever all women PPV, takes place later this month, live from Long Island, New York. The show will feature names from NXT, RAW, SmackDown and perhaps more legends.

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