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Another day, another celebrity mad at Trump. Rapper and singer Pharrell is apparently upset that the president used his popular song “Happy” at a recent political rally.

“In a cease and desist letter sent Monday, Williams’ attorney Howard King called on the President to stop playing the hitmaker’s song “Happy” during events,” CNN reports. “The song was played at a rally over the weekend just hours after a gunman killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue.”

“On the day of the mass murder of 11 human beings at the hands of a deranged ‘nationalist,’ you played his song ‘Happy’ to a crowd at a political event in Indiana,” Williams’ lawyer wrote. “There was nothing ‘happy’ about the tragedy inflicted upon our country on Saturday and no permission was granted for your use of this song for this purpose.”

Granted, perhaps the president should have used better judgment given what unfolded on that tragic day. But does anyone really believe Trump’s use of it was in any way meant as a slight to the victims or their families?

In fact, he expressed the opposite sentiments very clearly:

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Pharrell vs. Trump is not the first time the president has had problems with musicians

Williams and his lawyer say Trump’s use of “Happy” is copyright infringement. But this controversy is not the first time musical artists have asked Trump to stop using their music. The Rolling Stones, The O’Jays, Adele, Queen, and others have done the same.

This is not the first time a musical artist has asked a Republican president to cease and desist – it has happened to Democrat figures, but with far less frequency – going all the way back to Bruce Springsteen asking President Ronald Reagan to not even reference his hit “Born in the USA” in 1984.

Still, regarding Trump – isn’t there a good chance the president himself had nothing to do with the song selection? Doesn’t he have more important things to worry about?

Like addressing the senseless murders in Pittsburgh, which he did?

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