Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with those walking the streets of New York City recently when a camera crew set up in front of Lincoln Center and told people that Donald Trump had bought the famous Big Apple landmark.

This is one of the most hilarious man on the street segments you’ll see this week.

The interviewer asked a man how everyone is responding to the news this morning.

“Oh sh*t” he said.

“Lincoln Center is such a household name. I feel like changing the name is kind of a crime,” one woman said.

When the person asking questions showed what the new “Trump Center” might look like – with a big “Trump” on the front and a fast food court and signs for restaurants (including Hooters) – the woman said “Oh my God. No.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Does that KFC mean Kentucky Fried Chicken?” said another woman about the KFC sign in the mock-up, who looked displeased with the entire idea. “This is … no. I can’t agree. I’m sorry,” said another pedestrian.

The Kimmel spokesman told another woman that President Trump loves KFC.

“Let him eat it,” she replied. “He looks like KFC.”

One man tried to be positive, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have food down here because there’s not a lot of fast food down here and it might encourage more employment and that’s not a bad thing.”

“I feel like I can hear Western civilization crumbling as we speak,” said another man.

When the interviewer said the Sbarro pizza restaurant in “Trump Center’s” food court would allow people to have a fancy meal, a woman said “You eat on paper plates. How’s that fancy?”

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“Trump, don’t put Hooters in Lincoln Center,” pled one pedestrian with the president.

One woman was point blank in her disapproval: “I think it’s trashy. I think it’s sleazy.”

The entire video is a must watch:

This just goes to show how gullible and quick to judge people are, especially when it comes to anything Trump.

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