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Meghan Markle’s family continues being a thorn in her side. They continue driving a wedge between themselves and the newest Royal. Now, the Duchess of Sussex’s nephew has likely burned his final bridge and any hopes of a reconciliation by becoming a cast member on a reality show that appears to mock royalty.

Tyler Dooley was already perceived as an embarrassment to the Royal Family. The son of Meghan’s half-brother has a cannabis business and began pushing marijuana named “Markle Sparkle” to capitalize on the buzz surrounding his aunt’s wedding. Even as the nephew of a Royal, Dooley would be jailed for years if he attempted to peddle his drugs in the United Kingdom.

MTV’s “The Royal World” places royals and aristocrats together in the English countryside and is being billed as a “royal-ity” reality show. A triple baroness and the son of a Nigerian chief are among the cast members. Dooley is not a Royal, but he is leeching off his estranged aunt who doesn’t communicate with her family since they have embarrassed her at every turn imaginable in an attempt to stretch out their 15 minutes of fame.

Dooley’s presence on this show set in the English countryside is likely going to inflame matters more. The promo shots appear to be mocking Queen Elizabeth. Dooley even refers to her as his “great Aunt Liz.”

Dooley was not invited to the Royal Wedding but went to London to provide television commentary. He claims he was there for emotional support, but it appeared more to be a backstabbing.

After watching the video below, you’ll understand why Kensington Palace declined to comment about the show.

Markle’s family has been giving embarrassing interviews since before the Royal nuptials. They keep digging themselves in a hole by cashing in on Meghan’s fame but it’s come at the price of alienation. This family proves that sometimes water is indeed thicker than blood.

Source: USA Today

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