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Last week, bombs were sent out to various top Democrats, including Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Now, Kathy Griffin of all people has decided to speak out about the bomb threats, acting as if she is above them even though she herself has threatened the president’s life.

“For the past three years, many people have warned that the rhetoric coming from Donald Trump would end up encouraging the kind of conduct we’ve seen in the past 48 hours with prominent politicians and former top officials receiving pipe bombs in the mail,” Griffin said in a statement issued to The Wrap. “I’ve seen first hand the kind of hate and threats the president and his family can gin up with their statements and tweets. I will not be intimidated by them or anyone else.”

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Blatant Liberal Hypocrisy.

I must say that this is rich coming from someone like Griffin! She is conveniently ignoring the fact that she herself once threatened President Trump by participating in a photo shoot in which she stood with his severed head. Now, she is acting like she is above threatening the lives of others when she did just that last year to President Trump.

This is liberal hypocrisy in the most blatant way. Liberals only condemn threats of violence when Democrats are targeted by them. When the victim of this is a conservative like Trump, however, liberals seem to think that any threat against them is justified. Sending bombs to these Democrats was wrong, but liberals are ignoring the fact that conservatives have been targeted by violent attacks for months with very little backlash against their attackers. Conservative politicians can’t even dine out at restaurants these days without worrying that a liberal mob will surround and assault them at any time.

It’s time for Hollywood liberals like Griffin to condemn all threats of violence, not just those that are thrown at Democrats.

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